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K. P. Public School is a "True Lamp Post" which leads the students from the darkness of innocence to the light of Knowledge. We provide opportunities to our pupil to achieve excellence in intellectual, practical, cultural and sporting pursuits by timely guidance and encouragement. We aim to cast the net of opportunity wide so that every talent gets its chance to develop and get prepared for the challenges of a changing world through emphasis on self-discipline, high intellectual achievements and physical fitness. The latest tools and techniques are introduced to enable them perfectly performing their duties in an ideal manner of kindness and good spirit.

Director's Message

A very warm welcome to all who ever is going to be the part of K.P. Public School- The Parents/Guardian/Staff & students. Please remember that :- the task ahead of you; is never as great as the power behind you.

For students :-

  • School lays a lot of emphasis on ethical values and discipline.

  • Regularity & Punctuality are the two essential tools which every person should carry.

  • Responsibility and Gentle behavior goes along with.

  • Every effort should be made to make your family and school feel proud of you. Develop healthy friendship. Never humiliate any fellowship. Learn to socialize with all. A clean and healthy environment nurtures a clean and healthy mind.

  • Believe in yourself and develop self-esteem like : self-discipline, dedication, confidence, punctuality, regularity, skills, leadership & co-ordination etc.

  • And At last but not least:- WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY.

With Regards,

Rai Sahib Pawan Kumar

Principal's Message

Welcome my dears. I am always here to guide you and to understand you.

Principal means……….

P - Stands for Prayer which is so powerful that never goes unanswered by God.

R - Stands for Regularity- which should be the essential part in life’s all corners.

I - Stands for – Inculcating the moral and ethical values from top to bottom.

N - Stands for Nurturing the good habits and all-round development.

C - Stands for –Covering all the black-shadows and enhancing the positivity.

C - Stands for –Covering all the black-shadows and enhancing the positivity.

P - Stands for-Putting forward the potential & capabilities of a students.

A - Stands for- Always proceeding towards advancement for success in life.

L - Stands for- Learning and implementing the goodness and leaving the evils.


Yours Faithfully

Mrs. Vandana