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Art Craft

Art and Craft is an important subject not only in its own but in the rest of the education as well. Experiencing and architecting the works of art enable students in developing their intellectual, personal and social aspects.

Music and Dance

The performing Arts comes together with dance, drama and music. The dance curriculum embraces movement, choreography as well as understanding and appreciation of folk, classical and contemporary dances. Students share their performance at special occasions as well as they cultivate the habit of interaction and socializing.


Sports is a very big term which controls anybody in each & every sphere of life.

S – Teaches give & take of support in life.

P – Teaches Patience

O – Teaches Optimism

R - Teaches Regularity

T - Teaches Teamwork

S - Teaches Secularism (Play without any apprehensions like barring any cast or creed.)

A Healthy mind stays in a healthy body. Health is cured by Exercises Yoga & Good habits.

A Sportsperson (Sportsman/Woman) can lead the life smoothly and passionately. Sports inbuilt the all-round development right from student life which results in so many qualities.

Sports has a strong influence on quality of life, as well as physical, family life and social life. Sports equip students to face challenges of the increasing competitive world.

KPPS has designed the network to avail the opportunities to experience a variety of physical & educational field.

The implementation of sports activities significally improves the functioning of body and mind. It reduces the stress and empower the traits of mindfulness.